sandalwood & almond reed

sandalwood & almond reed

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A delicious escape to the East, with notes of sandalwood and cedar balancing oriental spice, sweetness and musk. Lime, grapefruit & bergamot introduce this bold scent, while patchouli & marshmallow simmer through the headier cedar, amber, vanilla and sandalwood notes. Wonderfully aromatic & tastefully intoxicating.

•Safe fragrances: free from phthalate
•Hand-crafted with love and care from Wairarapa, NZ

When it comes to packaging, we know that this is a cost to Earth - but we also know that our customers who browse in stores really love reading about what makes us so special. For some, knowing about our charitable contributions, our eco-friendly stance, our premium ingredients and our carbon offset is the make (over the break) in their decision making. So for this reason, we offer both packaging & non-packaging options. For those giving candles as gifts, this is great. For those who chuck the box straight in the bin, this is also great. Not only does it save Earth’s precious resources, it saves you money - win, win!

Assemble your reed diffuser by placing reed sticks in the jar & allow 10 minutes for the oil to soak. Once soaked, flip reed stick over and enjoy the fresh scent! Turn the stick weekly to keep the strength of the fragrance. If you feel the scent is too strong, remove a reed stick or two. Keep your diffuser on a flat, stable surface to prevent any spills. If the oil spills, clean immediately and wash any skin that comes into contact. Keep away from children, pets, direct heat or sunlight.

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Juliet C.
New Zealand New Zealand

Smells Lovely but ...

The scent is lovely but it has a poor scent throw, even in a small space. Will not buy again.



Hi Juliet, Thank you so much for letting us know you're having some issues with your reed diffuser and we're so sorry you are finding the scent weaker than you would have liked. Some helpful tips to improve the strength of the scent are to turn the reed sticks (so the sticks are wet side up) and ensure your reed diffuser is out of direct sunlight (as this can burn off the scent). If you've been doing both of those things, please feel free to email us as we would love to work together to find a solution :)

New Zealand New Zealand


A soft luxurious fragrance that lingers for hours. A litte goes a long way.

Nicole A.
New Zealand New Zealand

Love this scent- Sandalwood and Almond reed

Thanks soo much, this smells soo good. I have gifted these items and they were very happy.

Leichelle P.
New Zealand New Zealand

Will be back for more!

This reed diffuser smells absolutely divine! Really happy with my purchase. It’s strong enough that you can smell it when walking into the room while not being overpowering- which is exactly what you want when you have little kids! Beautiful minimalist packaging and fast shipping.

Sarah B.
New Zealand New Zealand


Our studio is scented with this reed defuser and it’s always commented on! We love this