Changes are coming!

There is a great saying amongst entrepreneurs that if you absolutely love the first prototype of the product you launch, you launched too late. Even though I do love the product and service we offer and am incredibly proud of what we have managed to accomplish, I feel that this quote rings true. There are so many dreams and goals I have for NŌLA Candles and believe that the best way for us to accomplish them is to keep evolving and improving our products.


We have always had a high focus on being an ethical and an environmentally conscious brand.

 We will continue to offset our carbon emissions as we feel that this is a cost that all businesses should be held accountable for. However, we will increase our contribution here to become a carbon positive business - offsetting not only our carbon emissions but four times that. Our goal for this is to plant at least 500 trees in the year 2022. 

We have also reflected on our contribution to the global plastic problem.

Although we love the aesthetic of our branding, have made the decision to shift towards black aluminium lids.

We have specifically sourced black aluminium lids to fit with our aesthetic and feel that this change is not only better for the environment but a sleeker look.

We have also improved our retail packaging which is still minimalistic and sophisticated, but we understand that most people discard these materials once opening. To be transparent here, retail packaging is an incredibly important element for branding; and as we hope to grow our presence in retail stores across New Zealand, we feel that it is important for us to offer our products in packaging. However, we do acknowledge that packaging does create extra waste and requires valuable resources, such as trees and water.

So we have decided to offer our customers a $2 discount for those who would rather not receive packaging in our effort to reduce our contribution.

We hope that this will work as an incentive to reduce wastage while also allowing us to deliver polished and professional products. 

Another change that we felt was necessary to make was a shift from cotton wicks to wooden wicks.


There are so many reasons why we felt this change was necessary; however, the most important being we felt it was an improved product. Wooden wicks are a little different to cotton and do require more care around wick trimming to ensure performance so keep following those instructions found on the candle care cards. 

We are also excited to be launching some new fragrances that are tried, tested and loved in our household. We have searched high and low for some of the most delicious aromatic experiences and cannot wait for you all to try these! But we also know that it can be hard to know whether or not you will like a candle when buying online! You can always rely on our zero questions asked return policy (for unburnt candles) BUT we have also changed the sizing options available for NŌLA candles.

We now offer 100g candles (priced at $22), 220g candles (priced at $32), and 400g candles (priced at $54).

We felt that the mini candles are a great way to introduce yourself to a scent! We also offer a trio set with your choice in scents for only $50 (bargain!!). 

There was no better feeling than cracking open the champagne and celebrating 12 months in business for NŌLA Candles. The lessons, the victories, the failures - it was all such an amazing experience and an experience that I will be forever grateful for. I'm so looking forward to doing the same with you all next year, with NŌLA 2.0!