olive & thyme candles

olive & thyme candles

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A wonderful dance between the herby notes of thyme & olive leaf. This musky and warm aroma is gently masculine; with richness from amber, sweetness from bergamot & a tang from lemon thyme.

•Safe fragrances: free from phthalate
•100% soy wax: free from paraffin, GMO and unnatural additives
•Clean burning: sustainably-sourced wooden wicks or paper braid cotton wicks
•Hand-crafted with love and care from Wellington, NZ

Wooden wicks create a beautiful crackling sound as they burn - like a mini fireplace. However, they do require a little extra maintenance in between burns and need to be trimmed much shorter than cotton wicks. Cotton wicks give off a brighter flame and have self-trimming wicks so are considered less maintenance. If you prefer a dimly lit room, the ambient crackle and don't mind trimming your wick, give our wooden wicks a try. If you prefer a more traditional candle, cotton wicks are the way to go. 

Trimming your wick is ESSENTIAL. Imagine trying to light a fire in your fireplace with charred pieces of wood - you would struggle. Don't worry though - trimming your wick is easy! All you need to do is crack away the charred wood (just pinch it away with your fingers!) in between burns. Wooden wicks need to be trimmed shorter than cotton wicks so don't worry if the wick seems short. Please never dig wax away from the wick - this will prevent the candle from burning effectively. If you are struggling with your candle, please check out our Instagram for candle care tips or get in contact with us. 


100g/ 120ml 220g / 250ml 
400g / 500ml 
25 hour burn time approx 50 hour burn time approx 70 hour burn time approx
Perfect for bedside, bathtub or office desk Perfect for living areas & open areas
Perfect for filling large areas quickly
ideal for shorter burns (1-2 hours) ideal for decent burns (2 hours+) ideal for longer burns (3 hours+)
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Maria F.
New Zealand New Zealand

Long Lasting!

Love this candle, have purchased it many times, has a clean, slightly citrusy fragrance that lasts for ages, and fragrances the whole house. Some candles are very overpowering and give me a headache within a few minutes, this is not one of them!

Betty C.
New Zealand New Zealand

Olive and Thyme candles

I bought these candles for Christmas gifts. They have the most delicious perfume. Thank you so much.

Sharon M.
New Zealand New Zealand

Olive & Thyme Candle

I love Thyme! I have this one at work so just have the lid off the jar. I’ll bring it home to burn.

Stacey C.
New Zealand New Zealand

Oliver and thyme candle

My absolute favourite- I have one burning whenever we are home! Fav scent! Burns for ages and just beautiful in every way! Love these candles.

George C.
New Zealand New Zealand

A Greek Zephyr

My absolute favourite,subtle & sublime like a Mediterranean breeze absolutely beautiful in a dinning room or kitchen while cooking which caused inspiration to the culinary endeavours of the time..will certainly reorder this one!