An honest account of pregnancy, motherhood and more

So here I find myself, a new mother; stumbling through it with a "fake it till you make it" kind of attitude with a "god i hope i'm doing this right" kind of fear.

Motherhood is a whole new beast of challenges that I don't know anything could have prepared me for. Motherhood is the most isolating, lonely, fulfilling, joyous experience I ever have had and probably ever will. All of the highs are octaves higher than anything before, but the lows leave me shattered with loneliness and insecurity. Thankfully, we live in a wonderful age where people of all kinds are opening the flood gates to raw, vulnerable and honest dialogue which empowers others to follow suit, but also find solace in knowledge that another drop in the ocean feels the same. 

Here I (nervously) share my raw, brutally honest and occasionally unapologetic recount of pregnancy, motherhood, work/life balance and everything in between. I hope to help you remember that however overwhelmed you feel, mama, you got this. I hope to dissuade that voice in your head telling you you're not good enough. I hope to encourage a little forethought from outsider looking in & most of all, create a safe space for a little honesty. 

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