Soy wax

Soy wax is wax derived from soy beans and is, most importantly, a natural sustainable wax that literally comes from the ground. It is eco-friendly, sustainable, carbon neutral (a big win for NŌLA Candles) and a cleaner and slower burning candle than paraffin. 

Some companies use soy wax blends, which basically means 51%+ of the wax is soy wax. The other 49% can be anything - including palm (linked to deforestation) and paraffin (derived from petroleum). We use 100% all natural soy wax, free from any unnatural perseveres or GMO to ensure a safe and clean burning candle. 

What are the other types of waxes? 


Paraffin is derived from petroleum, making it an unnatural wax. It has been linked as a carcinogenic which was a big no-no for us (seeing as we were pregnant when founding NŌLA). Beyond the potential health effects, it can be a pollutant to the air, yet another reason NŌLA went in a different direction!


Coconut wax:

coconut wax is a great wax, also sustainable and renewable. It is a newer wax, which is why you may see it less than other alternatives such as soy. This is a wax NŌLA has played around with but for now, we find our chosen soy wax makes a better product.



Beeswax is the most historic wax type out of all, as it has been used to thousands of years. It can clean the air and can be great for people with allergies. NŌLA has chosen not to work with beeswax for a few reasons, but can’t dispute that this is a great wax alternative. There are also some amazing candle companies in New Zealand that offer amazing beeswax candles - if you need any recommendations, just ask!