Why aromatherapy products (such as candles, reed diffusers and room sprays) are great gifts for men?

What are the best gifts for men? 

As someone who has teenage brothers, many dads (step, father-in-law, grandfather), men who are close friends and a husband (well, fiancee - close enough!), finding suitable gifts for men are always stressful around the holidays. I don't know what's more stressful - birthdays that pop up throughout the year or too many Christmas presents on the shopping list in December. Luckily, along the way I have learnt that aromatherapy products are actually some of the best gifts for men. 

People in general have pretty consistent tastes when it comes to smells - as in, bad smells. I don't think you'd find many people out there that like the more "human" scents (to put it nicely), hence all the products you can buy that either mask or eliminate these. Men too like clean and fresh smelling spaces, but unfortunately a lot of these products are targeted more to a feminine audience. To be fair, gender is irrelevent when it comes to tastes and a lot of these preconceptions we have over "feminine" and "masculine" truly are just marketing ploys that are a little outdated.

Outdated or not, the packaging for these products have often been pink or flowery which may not have fit cohesively in men's safe spaces. 

Why NŌLA products are perfect for men?

All of NŌLA products are made in amber glass jars, a sophisticated and yet simple unisex vessel that can fit into any space. We wanted to make our range of fragrances accessible to people who wanted coziness and yet a minimalistic aesthetic for their homes. Beyond the aesthetics, NŌLA has a great range of diversity in our scents, from sweet & floral, to smokey & earthy

We wanted to ensure that everyone could find something that would invoke a memory, intrigue the senses & basically a homey comfort that people seek in candles. And we think, why should all of this be exclusively marketed to women? 

I have an advantage of a very honest hubby, who tells me when he likes something and why. Oakmoss amber is one of his favourite scents - he carries around an oakmoss amber room spray around with him in his car & says it is the perfect masculine way to freshen his car up when he's been carrying around his chef clothes & gym bag too long. We also both love the patchouli orange collection, and agree that the citrus notes combined with the earthiness that patchouli offers makes this a great unisex scent we can both enjoy.