Reed diffusers are an amazing, flame-free way to create a beautiful aroma in any space. Beyond aromatic benefits, they make great decor items to complete any bookcase, vanity, side table, etc. So with all of these benefits, how can you care for your reed diffuser to get the absolute most out of it? 

What are reed diffusers?

A reed diffuser is a jar, bottle or bowl filled with fragrant oil that evaporates off the sticks to create an aroma. Usually, the opening to the jar will be relatively small to prevent the liquid from evaporating off too quickly. 

What are NŌLA Candles reed diffusers made of?

NŌLA Candles reed diffusers are a combination of phthalate-free fragrance oil and DPG (Dipropylene Glycol) & alcohol-free base oil. 

Where should I put my reed diffuser? 

It is totally up to you! The great thing about reed diffusers is they look absolutely stunning in any space. A lot of people like to keep them in bathrooms to keep them always smelling amazing but they are completely safe in every room. I find a gentle, soothing scent (such as lavender) is great in a bedroom to help promote sleep. Odour eliminating scents are also great in kitchens. 

How can I care for my reed diffuser?

Make sure to give the liquid a swirl and flip the reed sticks upside down every couple of days to keep the scent going. If you want it really strong, you can do this daily. Reed diffusers should give off a scent for multiple months depending on care but will gradually fade over time. There may still be some liquid in the jar but most of the fragrance may have evaporated, hence a lower scent throw. 

Why would I buy a reed diffuser over a candle? 

Some people really love the fact that a reed diffuser gives off a scent continuously and without a flame. These can be great ways to keep rooms always smelling delicious without having to be near like you would like a candle. They also tend to last a lot longer than a candle, as they would last months as appose to hours. 

So if you're loving what you are reading, check out our collection of reed diffusers and start decoarting your home while making it smell amazing!